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Health Foundation Scaling up Improvement Funding £500k

Do you have a health care intervention or approach that has been proven to deliver better care?

Are you ready to deliver your intervention or approach at scale?

The Health Foundation are looking for teams with approaches or interventions that have been successfully tested at a small scale, shown to improve care and are now ready to be implemented more widely.

Apply now to receive up to £500,000 funding to support the implementation and evaluation of your project.


Scaling Up Improvement supports teams to take successful health care interventions or approaches and deliver them at scale, to improve health care in the UK. We will support up to seven projects that aim to scale and spread tested interventions or approaches to improve the delivery of healthcare services. Projects must be able to make improvements at scale at care pathway, health board, clinical network, organisational, regional or national levels. Your project should result in direct impact on patient outcomes within the timescale of the programme.

Due to the range of skills and experience required to deliver an improvement project of this scale, we expect a number of organisations will need to work together in partnership to deliver a successful project.

Benefits for your project team

Funding of up to £500,000 for each of the successful projects.

Protected time to implement an improvement project.

Opportunities to tap into improvement expertise and tailored coaching support.

Opportunities to deepen knowledge about evaluation of improvement interventions and the process of adoption and spread.

Opportunities to connect with other project teams, to strengthen existing networks and develop new networks.

Opportunities to be seen as leaders in health care improvement and to showcase work to a variety of key stakeholders.

We welcome applications from any health care or health and social care provider organisation in the UK where NHS services are delivered free at the point of delivery. We are also happy to receive applications from organisations with ability to reach and engage health care audiences and capacity to promote, spread and embed change across NHS through partnership working, such as clinical commissioning groups, health boards, patient safety collaboratives, royal colleges, academic health science networks, and voluntary sector organisations. Organisations will have to partner with one or more NHS provider organisations and ensure that improvement takes place within the provider organisation(s). For more information visit

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