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  • Do you have an Innovation Disclosure Form we can use with inventors to capture their idea?

    We do indeed – please use this template and keep this link handy as we update it from time to time to make it easier for ICs and inventors to complete. This is the first stage of a review process and we will always need to follow-up with the inventor and yourself.


  • What capabilities & qualities are you looking for in an Innovation Champion?

    Innovation Champions are people who have an interest and passion for developing or implementing new ideas to improve services for patient benefit (and indeed anything new and innovative that allows staff to provide more efficient and safer patient care).  They are drawn from a variety of disciplines and areas of expertise (for example nurses, executive directors, clinicians, R&D, business development managers).

    All have the support of their management to support them in their innovation activities.  Requirements for an effective Innovation Champion include:

    • An interest in and passion for innovation related to all aspects of improving health care;
    • An appreciation of the value of opportunities to network with their peers in other organisations; and 
    • Strong ability to build relationships with people at all levels, resilience and flexibility
  • What are the time commitments to being an Innovation Champion?

    Individuals will need to spend some time (approx. 6-10 days/year) on their Innovation Champion role alongside their normal duties, so support of line management is essential.  We recommend that organisations opt to have more than one Champion to work together and share the responsibilities.

  • How much does it cost to become an Innovation Champion?

    There is no charge to join the Innovation Champion Network for any NHS organisation which is a member of the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN and/or Medipex

  • What training and opportunities do I receive as an Innovation Champion?

    Medipex and Yorkshire & Humber AHSN provide foundation training in IP and the essentials of effective innovation management to empower Innovation Champions to speak with confidence on IP matters, promote innovation around their organisation and be a recognised point of contact for the initial discussion of innovative ideas and rapid access to further support & expertise.

    Additionally, becoming an Innovation Champion provides:

    Opportunity for personal development;

    Access to a range of networking events and workshops;

    Access to a secure web portal for opportunities, resources, forums etc.;

    Access to national Champion Networks to share learning and experiences and make new connections;

    Rapid access to Medipex support for IP advice, development of innovation strategies and project management for new ideas; and

    Access to a wealth of learning and opportunities via the AHSN regional and national network.

  • Do you have any marketing material I can use to interest colleagues in the network?

    We have a small range of marketing materials that you can download and print off if you want to speak to your manager, senior management or colleagues about the network and being an Innovation Champion – or any other use that you might need them for.

    We have:
    1-page small poster

  • How do I submit a case study?

    You can download the template for either an innovation (or anything you like really) here.

    If you want to do a profile of yourself you can download the template here too

    Please get in touch with us if you are unsure about your potential case study. But we are looking for something (post IP if relevant) of something your organisation or you as an Innovation Champion have been working on, proud of, done, developed, adopted from elsewhere and what the outcome has been? Literally half to a side of A4 with a picture. We can do the rest. Something you think is new, non-commercial and of interest to your peers.

  • How should I use the Discussion Forum?

    The discussion forum is available for you Innovation Champions to make contact with each other, to share best practice and ideas and to create a platform for collaboration. If you are concerned about disclosing information which may be IP sensitive it is advised to contact Fabian Seymour at Medipex in the first instance.

  • Is the Discussion Forum secure?

    The Discussion Forum is password protected for Innovation Champions who have received Foundation IP training and are logged on as members of the Innovation Champion Network.

  • How do I register for events?

    All upcoming training and learning events will be promoted on the Events page. If you would like to confirm attendance at these workshops or training sessions you will be able to RSVP to the contact named on the event flyer attached.

  • Are events and training sessions free of charge?

    The events and training sessions are free of charge to all Innovation Champions who are members of Yorkshire & Humber AHSN and Medipex.

  • Where are the events and training sessions hosted?

    The events, workshops and training sessions are hosted at locations across Yorkshire & Humber. We aim to move these sessions around the region to enable all Champions to have equal opportunity to attend. Often these are hosted at Trust or CCG venues provided by the Innovation Champions. If you would like to host an upcoming workshop please let us know.

  • Do I need to be an innovation champion to come to the events?

    No not at all – so long as your NHS organisation is a member of Medipex and/or the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN,any member of staff can attend our events and workshops free of charge. In fact, the more people who are made aware of issues around creating a new product or service, or even protecting the outputs of your work the better.

    You do not need to commit to becoming an Innovation Champion though of course, we are always looking for proactive and engaging people who have an interest in seeing new innovations coming in or being adopted elsewhere, helping entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurs themselves!